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What about Car Leasing with Bad Credit?

Many of our customers approach us as they have often had a car lease in the past or perhaps have noticed one of the offers on our website. Bad Credit Car Leasing is just one of the many solutions for customers who have experienced difficulties in the past and are simply looking for a new method to drive a vehicle. This type of funding is often also known as either Sub Prime or Non Status and both terms mean that a fresh start approach is required. The types of specialist lenders that we operate alongside will consider customers applications even if they have previously defaulted on car payments, been Bankrupt or have mortgage arrears.

With a Bad Credit Car Lease you can still expect to be able to designate the model of vehicle you wish to use and our consultants can give you an instant quotation over the phone. At the start of the Contract Hire you will state how long you wish it to be over and your estimated mileage and then all you need to do is stick to it! At the end of the car leasing period you then arrange to have the car collected and you can even have already ordered your new motor.

Approved customers can select any vehicle they like!

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MSG Cars Customer Review Ratings are 5 Star

I dealt with a gentleman called Antony and the service that he provided was exceptional. The whole process has been painless and the person has been on hand, via the phone, the whole time to answer my questions and advise me throughout..

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There are many reasons we think you should come to MSG Cars for your vehicle finance…

  • We Can Approve Poor Credit Ratings
    We do what we say and our lenders can consider all circumstances when looking to offer credit.
  • Instant Decisions
    Why sit around waiting when MSG Cars can access our lenders instantly as soon as you apply on our website.
  • Pick your own vehicle
    There’s no catch and so why should you settle for second best in the car your drive – you pick the car from any dealer!
  • Great Customer Reviews
    We think we are great at what we do and so do our customers. Why not check out our feedback and you will read why.
  • Out of Hours Contact
    Not every customer can call during office hours so we also have a staffed out of hours telephone on 01613006990 call us now for assistance.
  • Quick and Easy process
    As soon as you apply we have your credit decision Instantly and all you need to then do is pick your car and sign the finance documents.

The two main options in the Car Lease For Bad credit market are Hire Purchase and Car Leasing. One of our consultants would normally be able to advise which is the best choice for you depending on the type of car you are looking at and the method that gives you the best value for money.

    • Instant Decisions for most Sub Prime applications
    • Get Approved even if already declined elsewhere
    • Choose your own car
    • No final payments and simply hand car back
    • Road Tax included every year
I was turned down by my usual Car Leasing Company - why can you help?
With MSG Cars you are coming to a company that specialises in helping customers who have previously struggled with bad credit for one reason or another and so we would be wasting everybody’s time if we were making false promises! The finance houses that we operate alongside have built their business models by lending to customers that fall below the threshold with mainstream lease companies and so have systems in place to be able to assess and give approvals. With your typical Car Lease company they will operate using perhaps 4 or 5 funders – all of which are geared towards the ‘normal’ model of lending. This works with your standard credit check and obvious cannot offer any flexibility when looking to approve a case. They then have no place to send your business as its outside their comfort zone and they would rather concentrate on what they know. MSG Cars offer a complete fresh approach and with decisions available instantly for a Bad Credit Car Lease and worst case within the hour – what are you waiting for?
Is there a credit check?
With any type of responsible lending you will find there is one form of credit check or another but this is nothing to fear! With most lenders we work with they will usually complete either their own credit search with a special – more lenient set of rules or utilise what we call a ‘soft’ credit check. This is often used my companies to check an applicants details are accurate and they are who they say who they are, including their home address. In both events you be assured that your application is going to companies that can offer assistance as we simply won’t fire your application to those that offer no chance of solutions.
Are all your cars brand new?
As with mainstream leasing you are free to state you wish to have a brand new vehicle with your car lease for bad credit deal but most customers will choose to take something nearly new- or pre registered. This ensures that the price is kept as low as possible as it all comes down to the purchase price. Car Leasing is just the same as Car Finance in the respect that someone actually has to purchase the motor in the first place. If we can pick up a demo model or slightly used example much cheaper than brand new it’s win win for everybody. Your consultant will advise you best but you could in theory locate a qualifying car from a local dealer and we do the rest.
Do you help those who have been Bankrupt?
Our specialist car leasing for bad credit underwriting system has been designed to take into account customers who have been Bankrupt. In the eyes of the lenders an ex Bankrupt can often be less of a risk than someone who is still trying to keep the wolves from the door! A clean slate works best for all concerned and wile your monthly payment might be higher than if you had immaculate credit its a start in the right direction to rebuild your profile.
How long are the Bad Credit lease deals over?
As with any other type of car finance or lease deal you can stipulate the length of time your vehicle is over starting at 12 months and upto 5 years time though many prefer a 3 year deal for a good balance.
Is a part exchange possible?
With a Bad Credit car lease deal a part exchange would usually be quite difficult but if we locate a new car that qualifies from a local dealership it can be done. With mainstream companies this wouldn’t happen as all cars are brand new but providing it is listed as VAT qualifying a deal can be done. You would get approved through our website- locate the car you want and providing the salesman offers you a satisfactory amount for your part exchange we can conclude the deal.
Can i change my Leasing car half way through
Before entering into a car leasing contract you need to be fairly sure of your expectations in that it can be quite costly to break the contract. With car finance you can request a current settlement figure at any time and simply part exchange the vehicle but with a car lease you would normally find you have to pay the full outstanding rentals and still hand it back. This means many who request an early termination don’t elect to take up the offer!
I keep reading about 'Non Status' - what does it mean?
Non status refers the the lending criteria of the finance companies involved in this market. It also means a ‘fresh start’ for most customers looking to break the mould of typical lending conditions. When we talk of Non Status we also mean that previous problems on your credit file won’t cause an instant decline and the bigger picture will be looked at when deciding to approve your case.
Will Car Leasing improve my credit rating?
Most definitely – especially if you complete the agreement without failure. Other lenders when looking at your credit file will see the agreements activity and so you will start to see your ability to get accepted for better rates when looking at finance.

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