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Most concerns from customers are that we would not be able to help them. This is usually due to previously being turned down for some form of finance due to either items on the credit report or simply not meeting the lending criteria.

Why would we advertise the fact that we can assist those with less than perfect credit if this wasn’t true? Consider this and you will begin to understand we do what we say. If it wasn’t possible we would spend all day taking calls from angry applicants wanting to know why we couldn’t approve their lease , loan or finance. Im sure you would agree this is a position no business would wish to be in.

Our time within this marketplace puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to both understanding what reasons lenders look for when deciding the outcome of a less than perfect credit rated customer and also utilising every possible option.

Over the years we have developed the very best network of finance providers to work alongside within the second chance car finance market.  With upto ten companies able to provide our customers with lending terms you can start to understand how we operate.

The use of smart technologies has always allowed the team at MSG Cars to operate quickly and efficiently to provide the very best one on one customer experience. The instant an applicant hits the apply button on our website we send your application to our top level providers for an instant lending decision.

Car leasing can be a fantastic option for those consumers who qualify, especially with aggressive discounting from the manufacturers giving super low monthly repayments on premium vehicles. This isn’t always the case unfortunatly as with anything in life some things can be too good to be true.

Being realistic, no customer with issues on their credit report are going to be offered the same deal as a perfect customer. The risk to the company lending the money is increased and the computer decides the outcome.

While we are not going to make outlandish claims of false pricing for our customers we are going to say that we will always offer our customers the very best deal related to their profile. This can be split between lease or finance depending on the needs and wants of the applicant.

With any type of responsible lending you will find there is one form of credit check or another and with car leasing bad credit this is no exception but this is nothing to fear! With most lenders we work with they will usually complete either their own credit search with a special – more lenient set of rules or utilise what we call a ‘soft’ credit check. This is often used my companies to check an applicants details are accurate and they are who they say who they are, including their home address. In both events you be assured that your application is going to companies that can offer assistance as we simply won’t fire your application to those that offer no chance of solutions.

Our specialist car leasing for bad credit underwriting system has been designed to take into account customers who have been Bankrupt. In the eyes of the lenders an ex Bankrupt can often be less of a risk than someone who is still trying to keep the wolves from the door! A clean slate works best for all concerned and wile your monthly payment might be higher than if you had immaculate credit its a start in the right direction to rebuild your profile.

As with any other type of car finance or lease deal you can stipulate the length of time your vehicle is over starting at 12 months and upto 5 years time though many prefer a 3 year deal for a good balance.

Lately we have more and more providers coming to the table to offer deals on nearly new cars with pricing closer to that offered to the main sstream.

With a Bad Credit car lease deal a part exchange would usually be quite difficult but if we locate a new car that qualifies from a local dealership it can be done. With mainstream companies this wouldn’t happen as all cars are brand new but providing it is listed as VAT qualifying a deal can be done. You would get approved through our website- locate the car you want and providing the salesman offers you a satisfactory amount for your part exchange we can conclude the deal.

Before entering into a car leasing bad credit contract you need to be fairly sure of your expectations in that it can be quite costly to break the contract. With car finance you can request a current settlement figure at any time and simply part exchange the vehicle but with a car lease you would normally find you have to pay the full outstanding rentals and still hand it back. This means many who request an early termination don’t elect to take up the offer!

Non status refers the the lending criteria of the finance companies involved in this market. It also means a ‘fresh start’ for most customers looking to break the mould of typical lending conditions. When we talk of Non Status we also mean that previous problems on your credit file won’t cause an instant decline and the bigger picture will be looked at when deciding to approve your case.

It certainly can do especially if you complete the agreement without failure. Other lenders when looking at your credit file will see the agreements activity and so you will start to see your ability to get accepted for better rates when looking at finance.

Our customers develop a great relationship with our team and often come back to us years later to either refinance or take out a new lease. We find that this also makes it much easier to negotiate a better deal with providers each and every time.

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